Integral Advice in the following Areas


  • Taxes Planification .
  • Tax and pension advice.
  • Analysis of the fiscal impact on new businesses and investments.
  • Advice on business reorganization.
  • Challenges and tax defenses.
  • Attention of inspections of collection agencies. Presentations before these.
  • Liquidation of national, provincial and municipal taxes. Preparation or revision of DD. JJ. of natural and legal persons.


  • Development and implementation of account plans
  • Registration and accounting charges.
  • Periodic and annual balance closures.
  • Preparation of Financial Statements.
  • Preparation of accounting books.
  • Training of administrative-accounting staff.
  • Preparation of periodic management reports.
  • External Audit of Financial Statements of Companies.
  • Limited Review of Financial Statements.
  • Certifications of Income and Manifestations of Assets and Debts.


  • Payment of salaries and wages.
  • Social Security Settlement and Social Security Scheme.
  • Preparation or review of Affidavits.
  • Preparation or revision of the preparation of mandatory Labor Books.
  • Preparation and updating of personnel files.
  • Advice on Pension Law.
  • Inspection service (AFIP, ANSES, Ministry of Labor, Social Works, Trade Unions)
  • Controls of high, low and labor rights and obligations.


  • Constitution of societies.
  • Prior Advice
  • Minutes of Ordinary and Extraordinary Assemblies.
  • Solutions, absorptions, mergers of companies.
  • Advice on choosing the most convenient corporate type.
  • Presentation of Balances and other procedures.
  • Advice on the different aspects of Law 19,550 of commercial companies.
  • Advice on constitutions of Corporations, Limited Liability Companies, De facto Companies, Irregular Companies and other types of companies.
  • Procedures before IPJ, INCOME, AFIP and other control agencies.
  • Preparation of Corporate Books.
  • Preparation of documentation for companies in Preventive Contest of Creditors and in other instances of bankruptcy and bankruptcy.
  • Surety Insurance Directors and Managing Partners.


  • Administration
  • Processes
  • Management and operational management advice
  • Development of planning and control systems
  • Development of organizational structures
  • Collection Management, Debts in Mora


  • Administration Servers
  • Cloud deployments
  • Analysis
  • Developing
  • ImplementationsAdministración Servidores
  • Despliegues en Cloud
  • Análisis
  • Desarrollo
  • Implementaciones